SPEAK CHILE In the before existed to discover ways to depict the way Black vernacular moved in a world where it didn’t have a home.

SPEAK CHILE in the now exists as an ode to all the Black children known before, in the now, and after
to make a home of their own.

To feel the home that We were making on this earth beneath ten toes,
for us to breathe
and so much of

To make rooms out of this home We made—
this home we felt on this earth planted under ten toes
Breathing to show that We can
We can breathe hard
And We can still make homes for our stories to breathe
For our stories to plant
And sing

For all of our children known to us, The children before us and all of the children after, who want to breathe and feel the homes they can make on this earth and beyond.

SPEAK CHILE exists in the after so we have something pretty to look at

SPEAK CHILE tells stories so we always have something to say.

SPEAK CHILE exists so we have something that is ours, something that is love.