Lauren Howie is a digital animator,illustrator, and game artist born and raised in Baltimore City. Her work is heavily tied to her interest in black minority populations in the "Muslim world", and the experiences of black communities in The United States. Questions of “home”, nation building, “belonging” and “ancestry” are driving factors in her image making and storytelling. She is currently in pre-production for a video game designed and programmed in The Unity Game Engine by building a library of drawings and short looping animations of everyday happenings from a yet unnamed fantastical world. These snippets aim to establish detailed environments and sometimes function as game design documents for the preparation of sweet berry pastes or the creation of small magical pots with water and soil.

“Refusing Refusal is shifting away from the cannon that a few authoritative voices get to define what is worthy of making and what is worthy of display.

It is slowly but surely unlearning expectations/limitations around displaying/distributing my art.”

- Lauren Howie, on
what Refusing Refusal
means to her.