Catherine Khamnouane is a Baltimore-based artist, fabricator and culinary artist from north Texas. Growing up in her family's kitchen, lessons on folding dumplings and deboning chicken intertwined with her parent's stories about growing up in Southeast Asia during a time of shifting borders and political unrest. Her current body of work centers around the intrinsically political nature of food as a means of cultural preservation, of resistance and of celebration.

“With Love!” is a daylong pay-what-you-can food share event. Dinner guests may sign up for pick up of a meal in Baltimore, a sampler of recipes from my childhood, specifically Laos and Thai dishes prepared for special occasions, large gatherings and celebrations. Along with each meal will be written work: a love letter, a story or poem to be consumed with the food.


“Refusing Refusal is a rejection of scarcity! It is recognizing the plentifulness of food, of knowledge and of joy, and it’s recognizing yourself as inextricably bound to the collective. Take care of your community and it will take care of you!”

-Catherine Khamnouane
on what Refusing Refusal
means to her.