Diana Eusebio is a photographer, designer and editorial storyteller originally from Miami. Her work encompasses a wide range of practices such as fashion, design, creative direction, photography and editorial writing. As an Afro-Latina working within the media and creative industries, Eusebio’s goal is to translate misrepresented stories into visual content that challenges society’s constructed perceptions of identity and intersectionality. She believes the combination of photography, design and writing, can shape our perception of reality to allow Black, Indigenous and People of Color to visualize their reflections within the media.

“As BIPOC in the creative industry, we have not always been given spaces to tell our stories and feel represented. As a Afro-Latinx photographer I believe technology allows our generation to create our own spaces and refuse the creative industries’ refusal of us”
-Diana Eusebio, on
what Refusing Refusal
means to her.