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Refusing Refusal is a multimedia show that explores how artists of color can disregard institutional rules and create spaces tailored to encompass our unique identities. We are refusing what has been refused to us by not engaging in the eurocentric, hierarchical structures that have denied us full agency over our expression in the past.

This show began as an investigation of how we might de-formalize art sharing and develop it into a more intimate and communal exchange. So much has happened since the conception of this show, and as the mission of Refusing Refusal has always been to confront and persist, the show has adapted to meet the changing times.

The artists featured in Refusing Refusal will participate in a hybrid, live streamed show, doing weekly takeovers of both the physical space of Nommü Nommü and our virtual platforms. These artists challenge traditional fine art practices and are forming their own art-making languages. Join us as we experiment and envision unconventional ways of sharing art.


An intersectional artist collective directed by MICA CP Alumnus, Joseph Orzal. NoMü NoMü partners with and operates within SKARIE Studios, where they curate and host radical exhibitions challenging the perpetual systems of oppression within and beyond the art world. They focus on the intersection of art and social change, and aim to develop equitable ecosystems through this work.

The Baltimore Creatives Acceleration Network (BCAN) is a 10-year, city-wide initiative providing both strategic and as-needed, just-in-time entrepreneurship support for Baltimore creatives of all disciplines and backgrounds.

An interdisciplinary publishing initiative that aims to shift and deepen the understanding of voices, identities, and narratives that have been suppressed or misrepresented by the mainstream.

Divya Nayar (she/her) is a designer and the creator of Refusing Refusal. 

Funded by the Y.L. Hoi Memorial Award from the Center for Creative Citizenship at MICA.